Cups of tea, cupcakes and the odd sandwich. How the little things can help.

Here at A Star Media HQ we’re a bit new to the big bad world of ‘business’, and we’ve had to learn fast because they don’t take ‘newcomer’ into consideration when it comes to sorting out who cuts the mustard. In fact, it’s even harder for new businesses, because you haven’t had time yet to build up a repertoire and show people how good you really are. What a pickle! You need work to show people that you’re up to standard, but you can’t get work because in the business world you’re only a baby, and while babies are cute would you pay one to make you a film? Probably not!

So, how have we managed to crack the egg from the inside out? Well in short, we haven’t yet. In statistical terms something crazy like two in every three new businesses fail in the first three years, I read somewhere that it was actually nine out of ten. That’s pretty daunting, a bit like how the Spartans didn’t say they’re children were actually born until they were three because infant mortality rates were so high (but the costumes were good we can give them that).

As a new business we’re still in that scary grey zone of ‘second year of trading’, are we going to make it? Hopefully, we’re hitting targets and getting fantastic reviews from our customers, which is prompting more people to use us and increasing business. Excellent!

So how have we done it? Well, we make out of this world films for a start, but there’s also the little things, like providing whopping cups of tea, making homemade cakes and making sure our customers are happy. Simples!

We think it’s a good way to start, and a foundation to build on. Yes, starting a business is risky, but building it on a foundation of muffins might help…

Katie's homemade muffins, a treat for visitors to A Star Media

Katie's homemade muffins, a treat for visitors to A Star Media

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