6 Reasons to have a film on your website

Recently we’ve been making lots of films for finance and legal companies. Yes solicitors, financial advisors and accountants need films too! Some people think that’s a bit odd, and we don’t know why!

Film is a cracking tool for a number of reasons, here are six of the best. Maybe you should print them off and give them to your boss…

  1. Film sells. Did you know that web websites with film content have double the viewing time then websites without? Their conversion rates are also higher, it’s because film can convey lots of information in a little bit of time. Good eh?
  2. Film is accessible. Did you know that there are guidelines in place to ensure websites are accessible to all users? You can see them here www.w3.org . If someone came to your site could they access all the content? Film is a great way of making sure everyone can see or hear what you’re all about.
  3. Film is cost effective. Marketing costs money, and you’ll know that the process of copywriting, design, print and distribution can mount up. At A Star Media we’ll produce, film and edit a piece that can be distributed online, all in one package! Bonus.
  4. Film is environmentally friendly. Let people know all about your business without paper, use film, and distribute it online.
  5. Film puts a face to the name. It might sound silly to those confident types, but striding up to stranger to say hello can be a bit daunting. Having a film shows people how lovely and approachable you are, especially good if you want to blast away stereotypes (ahem.. accountants and solicitors?)
  6. Film is easy to share. Post a link on and e-mail, tweet about it, put it on your homepage, put it on a USB stick, put it on your iPhone, put it on your Blackberry, put it on your laptop… there are so many ways to get your film seen. Unlike paper marketing, you can also track who’s watching your online films, and what that’s doing for your web referrals and conversion rates. Brilliant!

If that’s not wet you’re whistle, check out our website to see a bit more about why film is so good! It’s the future, see you there!

Young Enterprise and Young Business

It’s no easy task to start a business and that’s a fact . It takes enthusiasm, determination and entrepreneurship. It’s not an easy challenge no matter who you are.

So could you have done it when you were 16?

Well that’s exactly what the Young Enterprise Challenge Event has demanded of thousands of students across the UK. Students had to develop a business idea, investigate its viability and then kick-start the money-making over a six month period, whilst continuing their normal studies at the same time!

A Star Media Directors Katrina Atherton and John Starkie were delighted to be asked to judge the competition in the Mansfield area and the East Midlands Finals. Not only was the whole event a lot of fun, students got the opportunity to develop a whole host of employable skills for the future. Win win. The A Star Media team are big believers in young people and developing skills for the future, whether this is by offering work experience placements or delivering skills workshops in schools across Nottinghamshire.

Last night the A Star Media judges, together with other business experts from the region, selected the East Midlands finalists who will now go on to compete in the national finals in London. Pretty impressive for such young people.

For more information on Young Enterprise check out their website www.yeem.org

If that wasn’t news worth celebrating, today our video production nottingham team discovered we’ve been shortlisted for the New Enterprise category of the Nottingham Evening Post Business Awards 2010. YAY! With all the hard work we’ve been putting into our video production tasks we’re honoured to be recognised for our achievements -Go team!