Video WOW

It’s Friday afternoon, which means it’s time for another Video WOW from our video production nottingham team at A Star Media.

We love online video! Each Friday we want to share with you an exciting or dramatic video from the millions of hours of footage that is YouTube! This week its a crazy video called near perfect reflection. Dont watch it for too long or you might go crazy! Inception eat your heart out!

YouTube Preview Image

Love web video? leave a comment or paste a link to an even better YouTube Video.

Web Video Geeks (and Proud!)

What do you get excited about? Holidays? Lovely treats? Cute puppies? Cats with moustaches?

Yes, here at A Star Media we get excited about lots of things, but most of all we get excited about cool web films, making them, watching them and sharing them.

When it comes to sharing, we’re big fans (remember Napster? Those were the days…) any way, in our never ending quest for sharing film fabness we’ve invested in some brilliant high volume USB’s. Great news for customers who want web film, just plug in and play, simple!

A Star Media USB

A Star Media USB

It’s the little things that make the difference, and we get excited about little things like this. So, if you’re after web films, get in touch!

Video WOW

We love YouTube! We love web video!

So welcome to Video WOW, out weekly effort to spice up your Friday. Our Video Production Nottingham team have been looking through YouTube for the very best in online video entertainment.

So check back every Friday afternoon for our latest Video WOW and we’ll share with you something hilarious or jaw dropping!

This weeks video WOW comes from Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra! a song about short people!

YouTube Preview Image




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Video WOW!

We love online video, we know how powerful it can be. What we love most about online video is when it makes us go ‘WOW!’

Have a look at this amateur footage of a space shuttle taking off from a passing plane over Florida. If it wasn’t  for the advancement of technology with camera phones and smaller and smaller cameras such footage wouldn’t be possible. Without the power of YouTube to reach people, this video wouldn’t have got over 3 million hits either!

Our video production nottingham team are always going on about the power of YouTube to share your video’s!  YouTube is a wonderful place if you can use it correctly! especially when you’ve got something pretty cool to film.