A Star Media – How to make a ‘Vodcast’ training session

At A Star Media we love making films, sharing films and watching films. As an award winning film production company we know what makes a good film, and we know what trouble a bad film can cause for your image.

Vodcasts are ‘Video On Demand’ Casts, basically web based films that users can watch at their leisure. Vodcasts are a great way to regularly communicate with your target market, and can be created quickly and easily to create recurring content, just like a blog.

When producing a Vodcast sometimes it’s best to call in the experts, but if you regularly want to create film content to promote your business, improve the optimisation of your website and share information with existing and potential customers, sometimes it could be good to do it yourself.

Making your own basic video can be easy!

Creating simple and effective films is easy, but it’s also really easy to get it wrong. Like anything to do with your business you want to get the quality right, it’s got to do your brand a favour and not be a little marketing experiment that’s kept out of sight.

Over the last few years we’ve developed some simple tricks to make any film better, and the best thing is we’re going to share them with you!

Our Vodcast training sessions will teach you the basics in how to create a great online video. We’ll show you basic camera techniques and how to set up your very own YouTube channel and we’ll introduce YouTube’s free tools to keep track of how successful your videos are.

Training will be given over a morning session, with breakfast provided along with the opportunity to network with fellow delegates.

Places are limited and are charged at £25 per person plus VAT.

Our next session will be held on Friday 7th October at Forever Green in Mansfield. Contact us to book your place.