Add video to Google Places!

Google Places is another great way of sharing your online video that’s completely free! But not everybody seems to realise this.

You may be thinking what is Google Places? Well it used to be known as Google Local Business Centre. This is what you need to register on to get your business on the little map  that appears with many local search results. See the image below to understand what we mean:

So Google places is great for getting your website on local searchs! What’s more if they click on your listing they’re taken to a Google Places listing page that displays information about your business.

Did you know this is where you can now add a video to the listing? This means when potential clients are searching through Google and a Google Places map pops up, they have an opportunity to watch a video about you before they even hit your website! If first impressions count then a hard hitting well made video will do wonders!

Getting a Google Places account is easy, just visit the Google Places website and follow their lead. Adding video is even easier, all you need to do is.

  • Set up a YouTube account if you haven’t already
  • Upload your video
  • Copy the video URL into the add video box on your Google Place Homepage
  • Click finish and wait for verification from Google

And that’s it, easy!

Adding online video content is all about getting as many people as possible to watch your video. Any and every way you can share your video is worth using, especially when services like Google Places are free to use. Google Places represents another tool in your online video marketing strategy to make use of. Experts predict that Google Places is going to form a key part of Google Search Engine development. With the hopeful addition of thumb nails and other cool extras, Google Places is worth getting on now and exploring the benefits. Just like all Google Tools, the interface for Google Places gives you statistics on how people are finding your listing, helpful data to better formulate your web marketing strategy.

And finall, although you want as many people to watch your video as possible, you also want the right kind of people watching i.e potential customers. This is a key benefit of Google Places, people won’t find your listing, and therefore your video unless they’re searching for it. This means if someone has discovered your Google Places listing through a Google search there is a better chance you’ve got yourself a potential customer, or someone with relevant interest. And that’s got to be good right?