Sound is important, but not always.

In any video sound is always important, in fact when the video production is taking place you always have to ensure the right sound is being recorded. This could be either speech or ambient sounds. Then you’ve got to make a music choice, music can turn an average film into something amazing. Just think of the all the great films you’ve seen at the cinema and the epic music that goes with them. So in video and film, sound is pretty important.

But what if your audience can’t hear?

Well that’s just the situation the A Star Media team found themselves in when we were contacted by John Smith, a profoundly deaf stand up comedian. John conducts his side splitting comedy using BSL (British sign language) to get deaf audiences giggling. John has taken his stand up tour on the road across the nation since 2005 with huge success and fantastic reviews.

He contacted the Video Production Nottingham to help create some comedy sketches for use in his latest DVD. This exciting project meant we had to change our own perspective on film-making. We always consider our intended audience during the video production process. With John’s audience being BSL users, our filming had to take this into account. A fantastic experience with a very funny guy meant we produced two fantastic sketches that we be mastered shortly, all incomplete silence. The funny thing is, such is the strength of John physical comedy, anybody can understand what’s going on and get the joke.

If you’d like to know more about John Smith and his BSL comedy, called Beautiful BSL, we encourage you to check out his website

The sketches will be available on his website and ours shortly.