Do you know this chick?

Here’s a little teeny tiny treat!  Last week as we were setting up the camera for filming at Pleasley Colliery, a small wren landed right next to us.  We had just seconds to spin the camera around and grab a bit of footage before the little fella flew away. Sadly not enough time to get the microphone attached!

Video WOW – A new fun viral to help you through your day!

Hi Folks,

We hope you’re all happy and well this Friday. We’ve not had chance to post another Video wow from the depths of YouTube because we’ve been so busy…

However when we find a great Viral Video on the internet we love to share it and today is no exception. A great music video with 1,423,046 views as of today – WOW.

Love angry birds on your Phone? Then you’ll love this!

Watch, share and enjoy! Check back each Friday for more Viral Video WOW’s

The end of Google Video – Take Note

In 2006 Google, the worlds largest online search engine purchased Youtube for a billion dollar figure. Since then, Youtube has evolved to complement and support Google as a video sharing and search engine service.

With this in mind it comes as no surprise that Google’s own video sharing platform, Google Video, will be closing down for good in a about a months time. With the power and popularity of Youtube, and also services like Vimeo and Dailymotion (alternate video sharing platforms online) many of us online video users won’t be affected.

However, if you do use Google Video then take note: in a months time your video will be gone! By april 29th you wont be able to play the videos back, and by May 13th you will no longer be able to download your original videos either!

So, if you’re a Google Video user for business or for pleasure, now is the time to check if you still have your original sources files and download them back from Google before they are deleted forever!

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Video WOW

Hi Guys,

It’s nearly the weekend and it’s time for another Video WOW from the A Star Media Team. Every Friday we like to share some of our favourite viral videos from the world of YouTube!

This week is another double bill with two very clever product viral videos!

First, an advertisement from MySky using the heroic voice of Matt Berry (ITcrowd/Darkplace) a clever advert that says a lot in just one minute

Next, a surreal viral from the makers of Juicy Fruit chewing gum

Viral videos are an exciting and inventive way to showcase your products and services without directly selling to your audience. Instead you entertain and encourage the video to be shared whilst carrying your brand message! Check back next week for more end of the week fun from Video WOW!

Video WOW!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to the “We make Films” blog, this week is a double bill!

First up, an April fool that had us all going. It’s by Creative Video, a video production kit supplier who launched a purely fictitious product called the Ishoot35.  A pro lens adapter for an Iphone4. They made such a convincing sales video about it. We all fell for it, its pretty darn good…

Click to visit

Our second visit comes direct from our travels on Youtube. This one made us laugh and cringe all at the same time. Taking extreme sports to the extreme!

YouTube Preview Image

Check back next friday for more end of week fun with virals at Video Wow!

Video WOW

It’s Friday afternoon, which means it’s time for another Video WOW from our video production nottingham team at A Star Media.

We love online video! Each Friday we want to share with you an exciting or dramatic video from the millions of hours of footage that is YouTube! This week its a crazy video called near perfect reflection. Dont watch it for too long or you might go crazy! Inception eat your heart out!

YouTube Preview Image

Love web video? leave a comment or paste a link to an even better YouTube Video.

Video WOW

We love YouTube! We love web video!

So welcome to Video WOW, out weekly effort to spice up your Friday. Our Video Production Nottingham team have been looking through YouTube for the very best in online video entertainment.

So check back every Friday afternoon for our latest Video WOW and we’ll share with you something hilarious or jaw dropping!

This weeks video WOW comes from Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra! a song about short people!

YouTube Preview Image




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Video WOW!

We love online video, we know how powerful it can be. What we love most about online video is when it makes us go ‘WOW!’

Have a look at this amateur footage of a space shuttle taking off from a passing plane over Florida. If it wasn’t  for the advancement of technology with camera phones and smaller and smaller cameras such footage wouldn’t be possible. Without the power of YouTube to reach people, this video wouldn’t have got over 3 million hits either!

Our video production nottingham team are always going on about the power of YouTube to share your video’s!  YouTube is a wonderful place if you can use it correctly! especially when you’ve got something pretty cool to film.

We’ve moved!

Had trouble tracking us down recently? It’s probably because we’ve been under a stack of boxes or trying to find an Allen Key, why we hear you ask? Because we’ve moved!

After 18 months at the Langford road business place, our video production nottingham team have moved into new premises at the Ransom wood Estate in Mansfield. We’re now set in the midst of miles of beautiful woodland, offering a truly inspiring and creative venue for our customers to visit and sit in on editing sessions.

Our new address is

A Star Media
Second Floor
Oak House A
Ransom Wood Business Park
Southwell Road
NG21 0HJ

Like what you see? come and visit us.