Halcyon Days Music Video

It’s finally here! Our video production team’s first music video created for the Nottinghamshire band, Halcyon Days.  Launched earlier this week to coincide with the band’s performance at the O2 area in Birmingham, the video has had a fantastic response!

Not only a great way to showcase the guys talents, the band use the video to impress booking agents looking for the right talent for their music venues. Clever marketing ey?

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YouTube Preview Image

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Halcyon Days guest post

The music video is starting to shape up nicely and you can expect clips soon, in the meantime please enjoy this guest post from the Halcyon Days drummer David Brown on how the song and the music video came about:

The idea for ‘presence’ came from a news story I read in a national paper.  It must have been about May or June last year and the article mentioned that a badly decomposed body had been found in a flat somewhere in London.  Following the forensics it turned out that the person must have died around Christmas time the previous year.  It seemed so sad to me; that a person could not be missed for such a long time.  When I thought of this person I imagined what the flat must have looked like; them in a chair surrounded by Christmas decorations and unopened presents.  With this image in my head the first line of the song was born: ‘A decomposed body lies next to a pile of unopened presents’.  The rest followed quite naturally.  I saw the song as a way of remembering the person who had died and atoning for their forgotten life.  I called the song ‘presence’ because it is about a person’s existence but it is also a play on the use of ‘presents’ in the song.

The wasteground back in January

In terms of style of the music video, there was much discussion about how we could convey the story of the song.  All sorts of ideas came out – filming the whole thing in a graveyard, being in the person’s flat, capturing the last few days of their life but in the end we decided that none of these would do the song justice.  Originally the intention was to focus on Sy (Lead singer) singing the verses as he walks around various locations and then bring the band in for the chorus.  The idea was that Sy could be walking down any street, anywhere and there might just be a person laying forgotten in one of the houses he walked past.  The chorus was shot in a wasteland which represented a kind of purgatory for a forgotten soul.  However, we liked the wasteland setting so much it might just be that the final product sees the whole song set in the wasteland.  We will have to wait and see!

David – Halcyon Days

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Clips from the draft edit, as well as more blog content will be coming soon!

Halcyon Days – Music Video Update

Hi everybody

We’re  now starting the mammoth video production task of processing all of the footage shot for the music video and so far so good.  It was a twin HD camera shoot using a shoulder camera, tripod and improvised steadicam set up. The raw footage looks epic and we hope to have some great shots up soon. In the meantime here’s a few pictures taken during the shoot. You’ll notice there all in one location but we filmed in three distinct locations in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire for the final production.

In the meantime if you want to know more about Halcyon days, become friends with them on Facebook just here. Check back soon for Halcyon guest posts, behind the scenes clips and more!

Our first music video -It’s a wrap

Yes it’s in the can, even with concerns about the state of the weather we got all the filming done in record time! What’s more we finished ahead of schedule and had a lot of fun along the way. We’ve only just had chance to check the footage (we’ve been away filming in Wales)  but it looks awesome!

Now the hard work starts! and you can follow the post production process through this video production nottingham blog. The next few days and weeks will see a steady stream of videos clips and photos of the shoot and guest blog posts from the band!

Heres a little picture from the shoot to whet appetites until we can load up more!

Music Video Production

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Tomorrow is the first day of the shoot…

…and the weather’s looking pretty awful for music video production!  What’s worse is that all of our shooting  is planned to take place outside!

Although rain looks to stop play both us and the band have been formulating a plan B over the last day or so. Plan B pins its hopes on using  an old cave. Who knew Mansfield had a cave? but nothing is as of yet set in stone (excuse the pun). Being a cave means no electricity and it’s going to be  really dark so we’ve had to source a generator and some extra BIG lights to give the video the right look.

Alls we can do is watch the skies and see what happens, if it rains we’ve got to hope we can get the right permissions in time to use the cave. Here’s a picture I took outside of the office window just now as we experienced a break in the down pour. Fingers crossed

More info coming soon about our video production mansfield adventures…

We’re making a music video

Ever since we were treated to a live set in a small recording studio in Nottingham by Halcyon Days the A Star Media team has been positively buzzing with excitement over producing a video for their track ‘Presence’.

After months of planning and preparation, filming of  the music video starts next saturday on location in and around Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Whats more as we’ve never produced a music video before we’re going to be blogging a blow-by-blow account of how the video production pans out. This means you can look forward to plenty of photos, video clips and a few guest posts from the band themselves as we go along!

So far the music track has been recorded and mastered, the locations agreed upon and the filming storyboard produced!

We’d love it for readers to join us in our video production journey and welcome all comments and feedback on our project. You can learn more about the band and listen to a few tracks on their myspace page www.myspace.com/halcyondaysmusicpage In the meantime , here’s a sneak peek at the sort of look the video could be going for.

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