Give a little…

This weekend A Star Media pulled a mammoth 11 hour film shoot, all for a good cause, as we filmed the first Mansfield Music Festival.

The event, hosted by Children’s Brain Tumour Events, was arranged by our friend Tracey Crosby to raise awareness and money to fund children’s brain tumour research.

Running from 11.30am to 11.30pm there were lots of things for us to film, including tonnes of fantastic local bands and dancers, a UK Garrison troop of Storm Troopers, a princess and our very own Katrina Atherton face painting along with a few famous faces.

John filming Andy Scott Lee

John filming Andy Scott Lee

To support the event John also made a montage of photographs of children who are fighting cancer and some who have lost their battle.

As a small business our Video production Nottingham team always try to do our best to help charities, especially local ones, and while we may not be able to provide funding, we do our best to provide something to help worthy causes like this, and we encourage other businesses to do the same!

To find out more about Children’s Brain Tumour Events you can visit their website , and keep an eye on our blog for more updates on how the film of the event comes along!