Letting the Cat Out of the Bin –The Power of Online Video

You’d have to be living under a rock over the past couple of days to miss the media attention given to the film of a cat being thrown into a bin in Coventry.

YouTube Preview Image

At A Star Media our Video Production Nottingham team love animals, and we think the treatment of this poor cat is just plain horrible, but would the story have had the same hype if there was no video?

From posting the film on Facebook and Youtube the spread of the video and the story was pretty much instantaneous, and the reaction from the public on social media helped to fuel the fire, causing the story to get picked up by national news agencies making headline news and becoming the most shared story on the BBC news website.

It’s yet more evidence to show that a story, which may have only made the local papers without the video, has been shot up the news value scale with the addition of film. Would we even have heard the story if there wasn’t any video? Probably not, as the owners wouldn’t have had any idea how the cat got in the bin in the first place.

It just goes to show that the addition of film makes a big difference to how stories are created and spread, and we’re just waiting for a host of ‘putting a cat in a bin’ spoofs to appear on YouTube. In the meantime, it gives a whole new meaning to cat litter (boom boom).