New developments for YouTube

At A Star Media we’re always telling people about using YouTube for business. Mainly because it’s great and you can find out many reasons why throughout the ‘We Make Films’ blog.

However in a nutshell, here are a few reasons why YouTube is great:

  • It’s free
  • It’s easy to setup and use
  • It’s powerful and Search Engine friendly
  • It’s the world’s second most popular search engine after Google
  • It allows HD uploads
  • It automatically delivers your video at a quality relative to the viewers internet connection
  • It’s easy to optimise your videos (VSEO)

And now if this little list wasn’t enough, the clever people behind the world’s greatest video sharing website have gone one better.

You now can upload 15 minutes of footage!

Yes 15 minutes, until last week it used to be ten minutes of your glorious video footage, but now we’ve been granted 15. How they can do that when over 24 hours of footage are uploaded each minute to YouTube? It boggles the mind, but who cares as long as it works.

But who can benefit from this additional 5 minutes? Well if you’re looking at uploading training videos or snippets from presentations, conferences or events then that extra 5 minutes could be a lifesaver. It’ll also come in handy for television companies putting clips from TV shows online.

YouTube is a great tool to use! and if you want any more information, help or advice  please contact the video production team here we’d love to discuss your ideas