SEO and Video – Why is it important?

Search Engine Optimisation! or SEO for short, just what the heck is that you might cry (or quietly ask yourself if your office is open plan).

In a nut shell it’s the ability of your website to be discovered through search engines like Google. That’s pretty handy if you a run a business and want customers looking for your services to find your website through Google. Any web design company can no doubt offer you an SEO service, but it’s only the good ones that can get you the best results.

YouTube Preview Image

But how can a video on your website help your Search Engine Optimisation? Well, just sitting on your website it probably can’t much because Google reads text, not pictures and video. However did you know Google owns a little service called YouTube? That’s right! Did you also know YouTube ranks as the worlds second largest search engine after Google? We know, it blew our minds a little too…

With statistics like that surely it can’t  hurt to get your online video onto YouTube can it? Especially when the service is entirely free. However just sticking your video on to YouTube willy nilly wont help.  Here are 3 simple methods to help improve your video SEO, and therefore help towards your websites SEO.

1. Think up a name for your video that’s keyword rich!

A keyword word is a relevant description of your business, for example if you’re a plumber based in Sheffield, then good key words could be ‘plumber Sheffield’ or ‘Sheffield plumbers’ etc. Basically they are words that potential clients are likely to type in google when looking for a service, in this case a plumber in Sheffield.

If you can work a keyword into the video title it’s all going to help!

2. Get tagging

Once a YouTube video has uploaded, click on the video information tab and add some tags. Tags are your way of adding some additional data that only Search engines look for. So you want to tag your video with keywords as mentioned above. You can add as many as you like but its best to stick to a palette of no more that five. Don’t spread yourself to thinly, Google likes a thick slice of keywords it can get its teeth into.

3. Link back to your website

When adding a video you can add a short description to explain what the video is all about. This is your chance to hook potential viewers by providing an exciting description of what they can look forward to in your video! So get creative. However in SEO terms this is the place to seal the deal, add a link to your website so that as more people discover your video through steps 1 and 2, they then click on the link and hit your website.

Importantly remember, you can only add a link in the description box by adding the prefix’ http://’ just using ‘’ won’t create a link, only gets the results you want.

These are just 3 simple tips that will help set you video up on the right track to getting more views on Youtube. The theory being the more people that watch it the more people follow the link to your website. If your looking for more serious methods about optmising your video through YouTube check back soon for more articles on our blog.

It’s all about the films. At A Star Media – Video Production Nottingham, we like to keep it simple. No hidden charges, no jargon, no tech based mumbo, just brilliant films, easy. We’ve got lots of our films for you to try, so have a look around and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. Viral Video Production, Videos for Websites, Promotional Films and much more!