The end of Google Video – Take Note

In 2006 Google, the worlds largest online search engine purchased Youtube for a billion dollar figure. Since then, Youtube has evolved to complement and support Google as a video sharing and search engine service.

With this in mind it comes as no surprise that Google’s own video sharing platform, Google Video, will be closing down for good in a about a months time. With the power and popularity of Youtube, and also services like Vimeo and Dailymotion (alternate video sharing platforms online) many of us online video users won’t be affected.

However, if you do use Google Video then take note: in a months time your video will be gone! By april 29th you wont be able to play the videos back, and by May 13th you will no longer be able to download your original videos either!

So, if you’re a Google Video user for business or for pleasure, now is the time to check if you still have your original sources files and download them back from Google before they are deleted forever!

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