5 Reasons why video is great on Facebook

Facebook is great! We bet most people you know use it, and most check it everyday. Love it or hate it Facebook, and all social media is now part of life!

Facebook is HUGE! and we could write all day about how big it is! It’s twice as popular as Google in the workplace (source Netbox) and ranks in the top five websites visited by businesses, with 6.8 % of all traffic (Source Mashable).

1. Video can be shared

That’s the best thing about Social Media, anything you put on can be shared! If a customer sees your Facebook group and watches a video, they can share that video with their friends, spreading the message.

2. People watch video

Watching video is super easy. Click, play, done!  If it’s on your Facebook group people are going to watch it. Whats more, watching video online and on mobile devices is growing all the time. Did you know websites with video have conversion rates way higher than those without? Imagine what that could do for your business.

3. Video saves time

If prospective customers are checking your Facebook group; a video that sums up your product or services in 30 seconds is going to be much more effective than three paragraphs of text. It’s also much more accessible to people with special needs or language barriers.

4.Facebook reaches people (targeted marketing)

Facebook reaches a lot of people. Using video as part of a pro-active marketing campaign can get to the people you want to sell to. What’s more if you have a Facebook group with one hundred followers who chose to join it, that could well be one hundred potential customers converted with a video!

5. Facebook is  better at playing video

It might not seem like the strongest argument but it’s a good one in our books. Facebook’s first video application wasn’t very quick or very good. However that’s all changed! With a surge in 3rd party developers offering free Facebook video uploaders, Facebook upped its game. Their new video application is no YouTube but it does the job offering standard and high quality versions of video!

If you interested in Facebook as a direct marketing tool then get in touch with our trusted Internet Marketing Nottingham friends who know a thing or two about making Facebook work for you, and if you need a film making for your Facebook, you know who to call! (It isn’t the Ghost Busters)