Viral Video

Have you ever watched a video on Youtube that made you laugh?

Or it was so clever and different you just had to share the video with your friends?

Have you noticed that many of them are actually adverts that you just never see on the TV?

Well that’s viral video baby, an innovative way to market a product or service without having to force it upon people! The idea being that the video has a quality that makes people want to share it, and getting your video seen by as many people as possible is the aim of the game! 

Viral video has been the preserve of larger companies for years, but thats all changing thanks to the internet and social media becoming a more potent communication tool. You can put your video on YouTube, then share it on facebook, mention it on your blog and tweet it to anyone who you think could be interested.

Whats more, viral video can inject something into a marketing campaign that you otherwise couldn’t get away with. We’ve recently being doing some viral video production for a talented group of web designers called Dijitul Media. In fact they are responsible for our new website (so hats off to them). The viral videos are all filmed in locations around Mansfield in Nottinghamshire and revolve around the tagline “Have you seen my website?”

YouTube Preview Image

As you can see, the videos aren’t just entertaining, they convey a very serious marketing message in a way thats fun and accessible to anybody. Even better, you watch it and don’t feel like you’ve had a sales pitch forced down your throat. With the huge increase in videos for websites, viral video is now becoming  an affordable way of reaching customers through the internet, leaving them feeling entertained and associating that good feeling with you; and that has to be a result.

If you’d like to see the rest of  the viral videos for the talented web design nottingham team, Dijitul Media, please check out their youtube channel