When the going gets tough, most of us grumble before we get going

Running a business isn’t always easy. Sometimes people don’t pay on time, deadlines are tight, and you’re responsible for keeping everything running smoothly.

Saying that, we wouldn’t be running our own business if we hated it would we? And while some things can get us down, the rewards of having great clients and doing what we love every day is well worth it.

This week we’ve been working with a fantastic project in Derby called Women’s Work, they help female substance misusers involved in street sex work. We spent the day there on Monday, including going out from 10pm to midnight on their outreach programme, offering a hot drink, help and advice to women working on the streets.

Street sex workers in Derby get support from Women's Work

It really wasn’t what we expected, and the women who accessed the service were so open about their experiences and really frank with what they encounter from day to day, from mental illness, drugs, domestic violence and contact with the police.

These women really were vulnerable, and stuck in a cycle of drugs and prostitution which saw them working nightly on the streets, selling sex for as little as £10.

We came away with huge respect for the people at Women’s Work who are tackling issues that most of us like to avoid, and being upbeat and inspirational at the same time.

So next time it gets tough, the computer crashes, or my phone battery dies half way through a call I’ll probably still complain, but I’m going to try harder to appreciate what I’ve got.