YouTube for Business part 1


Everyone knows what it is and what  it’s for.  A free method of putting video content online to be shared with everyone! And that is really what web video for business is about, uploading your content for all to see.

With the ongoing development of YouTube which now sees 24 hours of video being uploaded every minute globally, YouTube has proven itself as a reliable, easy to use business tool!

But what makes YouTube so great and why should business owners make use of it?

Well opinion is divided as to the best ways of putting video content online! You could embed the file yourself as lines of code that allow the user to effectively download it from your site. The problem with this is what file format do you use to make it quick to download? Nobody likes waiting. Then you have to think, can every computer play the file type I’m offering ? No good uploading a .WMV (windows media video) if your customer surfs the web on a Mac.

Alternatively a more popular route used by many of our Video Production Nottingham clients is to create a flash file and embed a flash player. Flash files are great. They’re small and yet play at a high enough quality to provide acceptable results. Better still Flash is cross platform, meaning 98% of the world’s computers can access and view the file.

But what’s the down side here? Well, whoever makes your video has to do the maths and encode a video that’ll be alright on the night! For a video production company this is no sweat, but for user generated content it can be difficult to get it right i.e. it is small enough for a quick play, whilst retaining a high enough bit rate to look good. It’s never good when you click play and are treated to ten minutes of buffering whilst a circular icon rotates over and over and over…

The next option is external hosting. External hosting is uploading your video content to a website that hosts your video and allows you to embed a video player into your existing website. These services often provide quick playing, high quality videos on demand. The down side? None except you usually have to pay for this privilege. If you want to host your video for a year, the costs can add up!

This is why YouTube can be fantastic for user generated content because it takes all the pain away. In the past your web video producers had to bear in mind that online audiences have different types of internet connection. To cater for everyone, a lower quality file, that was usually tiny was uploaded so that low bandwidth users could access the video content.

However those brainiacs at YouTube took this into account. The complex coding means that no matter what file type you upload to YouTube, even HD files, the video will be converted and adapted to suit any audience. Next time you’re on YouTube click on the 360p or 480p icon on the bottom right and see what other qualities you can view the video at! This means no matter how good or bad your internet connection is the video is still playable.

With YouTube being entirely flash driven, nearly everyone can watch the video! That means you can upload with confidence knowing your customers will be able to watch what’s going on! Brilliant. Just like any social media tool, it’s all about being able to share information easily with lots of people. YouTube ticks this box. What’s more, YouTube videos don’t have to stay on YouTube! The embedding options are amazing; you can easily embed the YouTube video onto your website by just following the simple instructions once you’ve uploaded content! Incredible!

Check back soon for part 2 of YouTube for business.

P.S Try Reading this aloud, after saying YouTube so many times it kind of looses it’s meaning…